Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Florensac - A 14-year-old girl from the French town of Florensac, allegedly sexually abused for months, used a webcam to secretly videotape one of her father's sexual attacks in order to record evidence of the assault. 

A father has been arrested in the southern French town of Florensac, accused of repeatedly sexually abusing his 14-year-old daughter over a period of many months report The Local. 

The young teenage girl managed to videotape one of his attacks using a webcam. That video will be used in evidence during the trial.

Midi Libre report the representative of the prosecutor stating that the father, who was unemployed and recently divorced, is minimising the assault by claiming that he 'did it just for fun and took no pleasure from the act.'

The 14-year-old victim has been placed in emergency foster care and investigations are underway to find out if the mother who also allegedly suffered abuse by her husband was aware of the sexual attacks.

According to Midi Libre, details of the abuse were revealed through the girl’s school counselor in September. Only after the daughter had recorded the sexual attacks on video did the police have enough evidence to make an arrest.

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