Queensland Premier Campbell Newman. Queensland Premier Campbell Newman. Photo: Glenn Hunt

The Queensland premier is behaving like a little dictator intent on undermining democracy, wannabe federal MP Clive Palmer says.

Premier Campbell Newman has clashed with the legal fraternity after rushing through tough anti-bikie laws and other laws that allow the attorney-general, not the courts, to decide which sex offenders stay in jail indefinitely.

Mr Newman has accused judges and lawyers of living in ivory towers and of not doing enough to protect the community.

Clive Palmer. Mining magnate Clive Palmer. Photo: Glenn Hunt

He has also called critics of the sex offender laws ‘‘apologists’’ for pedophiles.

Mr Palmer, who hopes to win the still-undecided federal seat of Fairfax, says the Liberal National Party should expel Mr Newman if he continues his criticism of judges and the legal system.

‘‘Campbell Newman should apologise to the judges of Queensland,’’ Mr Palmer said in a statement on Monday.

‘‘Mr Newman’s behaviour is unacceptable and is frighteningly an example of extreme right-wing politics.

‘‘This sort of behaviour from a premier acting like a little dictator is a threat to the long-standing separation of powers and the independence of the judiciary.’’

He said Mr Newman was attacking fundamental foundations of democracy.Comment is being sought from the premier.