Tuesday, November 12, 2013


AAP November 12, 2013

THE name of a Perth policeman on trial for dangerous driving causing death will remain suppressed for at least 24 hours despite a judge ruling the suppression should be lifted. 
Sharon D'Ercole was driving her 16-year-old daughter in April 2012 when she was fatally struck by a police vehicle chasing a stolen car that slammed into her at high speed.

The 50-year-old mother-of-three died from multiple injuries while her daughter, Lashay, has no memory of the incident.

Judge Philip Eaton today ruled the suppression on the identification of the first-class constable who was driving the police car should be lifted.

But the officer's lawyer immediately said she would appeal the decision in the Supreme Court.
Judge Eaton agreed to extend the order of the suppression for 24 hours until the matter could be dealt with in the higher court. The Perth District Court has heard that the 28-year-old officer was trained to the highest level of pursuit driving.

He began chasing the stolen Audi after police database checks indicated it had been stolen hours earlier.

The car's lights and sirens were deployed as the pursuit progressed, the court was told.
The trial before a jury continues.



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