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To many the word “cunt” is one of the most vile, obscene and vulgar swear words in the English language. But while researching the origins of this word I was amazed to find out that in its original meaning we, consciously awake women, might all be “cunts”. Sacred cunts.
It seems that the reasons why the word ‘Cunt’ is perceived a bad word are no longer in our consciousness. When I’ve questioned people about why they find it offensive they struggle to say why ‘IT JUST IS, RIGHT!”. If everyone knew the wonderful and varied origins of the word ‘Cunt’ we would all be shouting it from the tree tops in celebration of the Cunt, the gateway to life itself.
Linguists have debated for a long time over the true roots and it is impossible to really know exactly where it is originated. The prefix ‘cu’ has been deemed “quintessentially feminine” and pre-dates written language. Therefore it can be found in the forms of ‘cu’, ‘qu’, ‘ku’, ‘coo’, ‘qy’ or ‘cy’. Cherish The Cunt

The Meaning, Magic and Power of the Word “Cunt”

#1 A spiritually, enlightened woman

The word ‘Cunt’ in the vernacular means vagina. The word itself was originally a term of respect and reverence for a powerful, spiritually enlightened woman. ‘Cunt’ derives from ‘Kunda’ or ‘Cunti, the Oriental Great Goddess. She was the Great Yoni (Sanskrit = Source of all life) of the Universe, where all life came from and to where all life returned for renewal. Source

#2 A High priestess

I recently came across the book “Phallic Worship” which explored how “Cunts” have been high priestesses who had sexual union with people to bring them to a higher level of spirituality.

#2 A woman with divine power & life-giving ability

Western transcribers of ancient texts were shocked to find that the term ‘cunt’ was synonymous with ‘women’, but what they did not realize was that the term was not being used as an insult, rather an acknowledgement of the divine power and life-giving ability they bore.

#3 The latin origin of the word “cunt”

The most immediate sources is the Latin word ‘cunnus’, meaning the vulva. (Wikipedia) Its ‘poshest’ form is in the word for that loveliest of erotic pleasures, ‘cunnilingus’. A related Latin word is ‘cuneus’, a wedge, rather descriptive of the cunt itself and also found in the word ‘cuneiform’ (which will be described later in this article). Source

#4 Other derivates of the word cunt

‘cunabula’ = a cradle (and like the mother’s womb, protects and soothes the child)
‘Cunina’ = the Roman goddess who protected cradled children.
‘Cunctipotent’ = being all powerful; having cunt magic
cunning, kenning and ken.

How Did the Word “Cunt” Became A Cuss Word?

It is said that scholars from the Medievals Ages onwards were embarrassed by sacred places, and female genitalia shrines identified with the word ‘cunt’, failing to understand it’s original meaning, and labelled these sacred places as the devilish cunts – ‘cunnus diaboli’. Western Society and it’s revulsion of all things female for a long time might have turned the word into something obscene and nasty. Source
The author George Scott of “Phallic Worship” explains that it was mainly the male dominated christian church who bastardized the word “cunt”.

The Origin Of The Word Cunt In Different Parts Of The World

#1 The Meaning of “Cunt” In Tamil

In Tamil, Kunda means pot/vessel and is also used as a slang term for vagina. It’s related to Kundalini, which resides in your Kunda. In Tamil, the K sound is a tad bit softer than in English. So, the way native speakers say Kunda is somewhat between how English speakers would say Cunda and Kunda. Source

#2 The Meaning of “Cunt” In Africa

The word “Kunta” means “Woman” in several African languages. Ancient writings mention the North African Goddess “Kunda Saharan” and her tribe which are called “The Kundas”. Kunda people are still around today and reside in Mozambique, Zambia & Zimbabwe.

#3 The Meaning of “Cunt” Sumeria (Ancient Iraq)

Here the word ‘Kunta’ means literally ‘one who has female genitalia’. This is linked with the word ‘Cuneiform’ which literally means ‘the sign of the cunta’ or ‘queen who invented writing’. Cuneiform is one of the earliest known forms of writing in Sumeria dating at c.3100 BC. At around the same time there were priestesses named The Quadesha who were accountants at the Temple of Inanna. It is highly likely that Cuneiform was the form of writing the Quadesha used on clay tablets to record the temple’s financial accounts thus making it ‘the Sign of the Cunta’.
Inanna was the goddess of love, war, fertility and lust. She was associated with the celestial planet, Venus. She was known as Queen of Heaven and the word ‘Qu’ can also mean love, sensuality, sexuality, the divinity present in all females. She is also connected with extramarital sex and sensual affairs, prowling streets and taverns for sexual adventure. There are hymns from Sumerian sacred texts which glorify Inanna’s sexuality and sang praises to her beautiful and soft Cunt. Interestingly the Quadesha are also cited in some texts as ‘Sacred Whores’. Cherish The Cunt

#4 The Meaning of “Cunt” in India

It is believed that the word ‘Cunt’ came from the Proto German word ‘Kunto’ which is said to have come from the Indo-European word ‘Kunti’ which is the name of a much respected and revered Hindu goddess who was also known as ‘Cunti-Devi’ and is said to be the ruler of ‘Kunta’ which we know as ‘Kundalini’ energy.
Devi Kunti
The snake like feminine energy that travels up our spine. Legend stories say how she sang to the gods to call them to sleep with her. She eventually had a son with the Sun God, Surya and ‘The Teachings of Queen Kunti’ can still be read today.  Many say that ‘Cunt’ derived from the Oriental Great Goddess Cunti, also known in ancient Hinduism as the ‘Yoni of the Universe’ (yoni means ‘sacred temple’ in Sanskrit and is used to describe the womb and cunt). Also Indian children who were born out of wedlock were know as ‘Kuntas’ and revered as gifts of the Goddess Kunti’. The word ‘Kunda’ is also used in India for a hole or pit in the ground (agni-kunda, fire-pit) for storing fire on alters in the Vedic religion. Cherish The Cunt

#5 The Meaning of “Cunt” in China, Japan and Korea

Remembering the ‘CU’, ‘QU’ and ‘KU’ connection, we can understand how ‘Cunt’ is believed to be linked with the popular Buddhist Goddess of Compassion and Mercy is ‘Kuan-yin’ or ‘Quan Yin’ or ‘Kunnon’.
She carries the Goddess and Divine Mother aspect of Buddhism and is generally regarded by many as the protector of women and children and is also seen as a fertility goddess capable of granting children.  Some say ‘Cunda’ was the name of the Buddha’s mother according to the Japanese but all I can find is that is was possibly the name of a female blacksmith who fed the Buddha his last meal of either mushrooms or pork. He fell violently ill and then became enlightened. Cherish The Cunt

#6 The Meaning of “Cunt” in Ancient Canaan, Eygpt

Here, Qudshu or Qetesh is venerated as the fertility goddess of sacred ecstasy and sexual pleasure and is depicted holding snakes in one hand and a lotus flower in the other as symbols of creation. She is called ‘Mistress of All the Gods’, ‘Lady of the Stars of Heaven’ and ‘Great of magic, mistress of the stars’. Cherish The Cunt

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