Saturday, November 30, 2013


Keith Moor Herald Sun March 13, 2008

POLICE yesterday responded in large numbers to a Herald Sun survey of more than 11,000 officers. 
The online poll of Victoria Police officers was swamped with responses on the first day after they received letters inviting them to participate.

It asks them 20 questions about issues such as police numbers, work stress, weapons and whether Victoria needs an anti-corruption body to investigate public servants and politicians.

Details of how to access the anonymous survey were in a letter from Herald Sun editor in chief Bruce Guthrie, which was posted out with the March edition of the Police Association journal.

Questions in the survey were framed entirely by senior editors of the Herald Sun, without input from police command or the Police Association.

The Police Association's only role in the survey was to allow a copy of Mr Guthrie's letter, which contained the password needed to access the poll, to be included with each posted copy of its journal.


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