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Controversial boxer Anthony Mundine wants Australian public to show him love

Jamie Pandaram The Daily Telegraph –Owned by American citizen, Rupert Murdoch– October 21, 2013
IT is one of the toughest PR challenges in history, but after 20 years happily playing the most polarising sportsman in the country –proof of claim?– Anthony Mundine now wants to feel the love of the Australian public.
And Mundine says he will make it happen by completing an audacious plan to beat the best boxers on the planet over the next two years, because "everyone loves a winner".

Poll: Anthony Mundine

Is Australia ready to forgive and support Anthony Mundine?

Notice that there is no option asking if people are ready to forgive and support the corporate press for it's continual harassment, racism, violence & anger towards anyone that thinks and speaks for themselves. The tenor of the question automatically presumes that Anthony is wrong and could be entitled to forgiveness and support.
Mundine, 38, has comfortably played the bad guy throughout his rugby league and boxing careers This unproven claim has been repeated for the second time within three sentences, can anybody spell the word 'm.a.s.s. c.u.l.t.u.r.a.l. p.r.o.g.r.a.m.m.i.n.g.'?– particularly to promote his fights - but as he enters the final chapter of his sporting career he has made a surprising plea.  –Another unproven claim, but, whilst we are dealing with presumptions, is it possible that Anthony has forgiven the racist Australian fans and is trying to embrace the others that are unwittingly the victim of corporate media brain washing? Why isn't Murdoch's monkeys, oops i meant journos writing the truth?
"I want the Australian fans to get behind me, embrace my confidence, embrace my ability to believe in myself, and back me," Mundine said.
"For far too long there has been a love-hate relationship.
"I have a lot of fans who love me, and a lot of those that dislike me for whatever reason.
"But they don’t know the real Anthony Mundine, they just know the portrayal of me.
"I just want them to get to know the real me, and know that I am not only fighting for myself, I am fighting for all of them as well.
"I’m representing Australia. It’s like I’m in the Davis Cup, or the rugby World Cup, or soccer World Cup."
THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT. Anthnoy has just shared his desire to embrace and be embraced, and instead of respecting that, or even, analysing that, the reporter IMMEDIATELY starts trying to programme his audience about his "list of crimes" that the corporate media/government have been using to poison the minds of Australian's with. The idea is that any empathy you developed by reading Anthony's words will be immediately replaced by older programming that either removes any empathy for Anthony that you may have had, or, at the very least, confused you sufficiently that you are unsure about your feelings.

But Mundine is smart enough to realise –very devious, they start by planting the notion that Anthony is playing games with the truth & trying to fool the public, because ultimately, to 'forgive him publicly', it shall be required that Anthony to publicly renounce the truthfull things that he has said about race & 9/11, perhaps on a Oprah type show where he can be given an interrogation, a very public dressing down and 'public' forgiveness–  that some will simply never forgive his utterances about America bringing the 9/11 attacks on themselves, or his shot at the Aboriginal heritage of previous opponent Daniel Geale.
SO WHAT?????? IS HE THE FIRST PUBLIC PERSON TO MAKE THIS SUGGESTION ABOUT 9/11?  Notice that the divide and conquer card is played trying to portray a 'good' and a 'bad' blackman and whilst you are arguing amongst yourselves about Anthony & Daniel and whether they are or are not, you have lost site that YET AGAIN, the bona fides of a black man is being defined by a whi...... 
While he later apologised for those comments, –it wont stop Murdoch's monkeys from wielding it as a sword to be used against Anthony– Mundine believes the only way to get his critics on-side is by delivering on his proclamation of fighting the greatest boxer alive, Floyd Mayweather.
“This is straight up, I think everyone loves a winner, all I’ve got to do is win," said Mundine, who fights US superstar Shane Mosley –a great boxer who is now 42– at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on Wednesday night.
“Not many people liked South Sydney a couple of years ago, all of a sudden this year everyone was hopping on the bandwagon – including me.
“I’m at the stage of my life and my career where this is the final chapter.
“I’m looking at four fights, maybe three if I get the right fights - Mosley being the first – to achieving my goal of fighting Floyd Mayweather in May of 2015.
“I’m not saying I’ll beat Mosley and they’ll give me Floyd, that’s pretty stupid, I want to go through the tests that need to be passed.
“That is probably two more fights, I would like to fight Miguel Cotto and Saul Alvarez before I fight Floyd.
“And I want Australia to support me. I don’t regret anything I’ve said because I am a straight shooter, I talk the truth. –Do you still remember the unproven claim published earlier in this story that Anthony "has made a surprising plea"?????? No. Anthony is still the man, and has nothing to be ashamed of because he is a straight shooter that speaks the truth.
“But I want them not to have tunnel vision, look outside the square, because there is a lot more to me that is likeable than not."
Mundine added: “There has never been a crossover sportsman like me, and we should be proud of that, Australians should embrace that, I don’t want to talk myself up, that is something you guys should support.
"When I’m fighting overseas I want them to say 'This is our man, no one has done what he's done'.
"People talk about Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders, but they switched from team to team sports, I went from a team sport to the hardest singular sport of all, boxing, and became a three-time world champion. That has never been done.
Why are Murdoch's monkeys not embracing Mundine's deeds which eclipse the accomplishments of  Freemason Don Bradman, as well as the other sports stars who Murdoch relies on so heavily for advertising revenue? This is what happen's if you stand up for yourself, your family, your community. When you refuse to be silent whilst a military occupation continues, when a nation is attacked by terrorists in the U.S government, when you use your 'freedom' to say what the western imperial terrorists think are the wrong things to say.
"When people hear my story overseas they freak out, but it’s taken for granted here.
Because take away the censoring veneer of politics and the truth is the truth.
"I don’t want them to embrace it when I’m gone.
"Let’s embrace it now, when I’m taking on the best in the world."
If you were paying attention to what Murdoch's monkeys wrote immediately after the last batch of Mundine quotes, then by now, you should be bracing yourself for the next assault on Anthony for the reasons listed earlier in this article. 
Because heavens forbid that Anthony should have or express an opinion.....
"It's not about terrorism, it’s about fighting for God’s laws and America's brought it upon themselves for what they’ve done." - 2001
Because it's controversial to express an opinion on 9/11. 
"A black player would have to do three or four times more than any other bloke to be a chance in NSW. Politics and racism are part of the scene in rugby league. That’s why I got out." – 2007
Because it's controversial to express an opinion on racism.
"I thought they wiped all the Aborigines from Tasmania out. I don’t see [Geale] representing black people, or coloured people. I don’t see him in the communities, I don’t see him doing the things I do to people, and fighting for the people.
"He’s got a white woman, he’s got white kids." – 2013
Because it's controversial to express an opinion on your community. 
"Australia is a very racist country ... I want to change the flag. I want to change the anthem." - 2013
Because it's controversial to express an opinion that's true and disagrees with the racists that try to control your beliefs whilst fooling you into thinking that you are free and thought up that opinion all by yourself.
- See more at: http://www.foxsports.com.au/other-sports/boxing/controversial-boxer-anthony-mundine-wants-australian-public-to-show-him-love/story-e6frf5h3-1226743359109#sthash.PopNZaW9.dpuf


  1. Who cares what a belligerent egocentric bully-boy thug has to say? Why give the brutal hypocrite and oxygen at all? Most sportspeople are the last word in ignorance and bloodsport boxers are the last of the last.

    1. i get your logic, i have no interest in boxing per se. but, i am interested in how the corporate & corporate media have treated this bloke and trained/programmed the public into defining him. This behaviour also serves to act as a warning to those in the public eye about what will happen if they don't 'tow the line'. This in turn creates a sense of unity and popularity to the general public hoping to secure their agreement or passive silence.