Unions say a new poll shows Queenslanders are increasingly sceptical that the Newman government will deliver on its core promises. Photo: Harrison Saragossi
Security at government buildings and offices, including Parliament House, has been ramped up in the wake of politicians' anti-bikie rhetoric this week.
Please spend a moment to consider that. Security has been increased NOT because of the actions of bikie's, BUT, by the threatening words of politicians. 
The front gates of Parliament House have been locked, –parliament never was for the people, times like this illustrate that rather effectively– and staff have been advised to be extra cautious when letting people such as couriers into buildings.
Extra police officers have also been stationed at George Street and patrols around the Executive Building have been increased.
Who is the government to threaten anyone in a community ON THE BASIS THAT IT AS A SERVANT OF THE COMMUNITY DOESN'T LIKE THEM? 
Why is the media supporting this? 
The gates of Queensland's Parliament House, locked during the 'Bikie War' of 2013, as part of a security crackdown The gates of Queensland's Parliament House, locked during the 'Bikie War' of 2013, as part of a security crackdown Photo: Cathy Border, @TenCB
A spokeswoman for Speaker –Why can't Fiona speak for herself?– Fiona Simpson confirmed changes had been made to parliament's security.
“The Speaker can confirm that the parliament has adjusted its security posture, consistent with internal policy and procedure,” she said.
What are these so-called internal policies and procedures? Where are they? How can we get copies of these so-called policies and procedures?
“This will have limited but moderate impact on public accessibility to some areas of the parliament. –Why should the public be disadvantaged by the violent rhetoric of the government? No further comment can be made at this time.” Why not? Why is this woman too arrogant to the electorate? What are they trying to hide?
May the Fords be with you
The changes come just a month after Fairfax Media reported a Queensland Police Service report concluded security risk rating at Parliament House was “high”, and a review found the building needed a $1 million security facelift. –As opposed to spending money on the community.
Security has also been tightened at Gold Coast police stations, –no mention about community security, this is because they see the community as a body to be milked for resources and part of their deception is to convince the community that they are there to benefit them–  including Southport, which was the scene of a stand-off between officers and bikies on Friday night. –Note that there has been no violence, just a stand off. Are politicians scared of the bikies? Is this why they are locking themselves up in strong boxes?
Southport officers were forced –why? are they weak? Don't they have guns? If they can't defend themselves, how can they defend you???– to call for backup when a group –The Beatles were a group. Does this mean that 4 bikies comprised this group?– of bikies entered the station and demanded the release of members who had been arrested over a brawl in Broadbeach.
That incident prompted the government to declare war on criminal motorcycle gangs, –NOTICE the use of the word "criminal". How do we know that these gangs are criminals? What were they found guilty of? When? Who by? AND......... Who gave a government the right to declare war on members of the community that it doesn't like? Who will be next? Remember this is the state that has a bill before parliament RIGHT NOW hoping to use "legislation (to) make rights and liberties, or obligations, dependent on administrative power" with increased resources, both human and budgetary, sent to the Gold Coast to combat immediate flare ups.
New anti-racketeering legislation – which could include bans on bikies wearing their colours, working, owning or operating tattoo parlours, and gathering in certain areas including their own club houses – will be introduced to parliament in two weeks' time
This is a copycat bill of the NSW legislation, a primer for what is coming in Victoria and the rest of Australia.
Is this the opening salvos of a governmental war against the people of Australia?

The government has also offered financial rewards –a.k.a 'bribes'– for information which leads to the successful prosecution of criminal bikie members, or uncovers drug labs.