Wednesday, October 2, 2013


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In March of 2011, Abbott said that young people who stay unemployed when jobs are available should be denied the dole, the third time in 2011 that he made this stark announcement
Now he proposes banning the dole for people under 30 to entice them to head west and fill skill shortages in the booming resources sector.
Does he really think that by taking punitive measures against welfare recipients, shortages in the Mines will be filled?
The Minerals Council of Australia said the number of workers in the resources sector would need to grow by about 86,000 in the next decade to maintain Australia’s share of global minerals markets. The great majority of these workers have to be skilled tradespeople.
Abbott, ignorant though he may be of living in the real world, can’t seriously suggest that just anyone can be sent to work in a mine.
No, it’s one more nasty, divisive, punitive idea that will please the handful of very rich in this country.
Shame on you Abbott. Shame.



  1. Hi Miki ;-) I think Abbott and all of them have even more shocking plans for those plebs that can't find suitable work. I'd like to see him uproot his family to work in such conditions, with no experience or even interest! Lx :-)

    1. We would all welcome Abbot or indeed any politician actually practicing what they preached to other people. If they did we'd have much less warfare on our planet.