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Saturday, September 28, 2013

By Susan Duclos

A number of Texas residents are spooked after waking up and finding what they describe as “mysterious” webs falling from the sky, attacked to buildings, street posts, appearing everywhere they looked.

In the video below Kelli In The Raw asked if anyone knows what they are and shows quite a few of them literaaly hanging around and floating in the air.

Via the video details:

Filmed in Arlington, Texas. Mysterious webs fall all over the entire Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex overnight. Most of the webs appear to be about 10-15 feet long. Many citizens are concerned. What do you think they are?
I see these occasionally. Today I heard on the radio that people were in a panic because they were EVERYWHERE! I had to share this with you guys.

No fear Kelli and others, the webs aren’t actually all that unusual according to some reports which say they are from migrating spiders, flying spiders.

Via The Beast:

What if you looked up and the sky was full of flying spider webs? That’s what’s happening in Texas, where migrating, newly hatched spiders lit up social media with puzzlement and alarm. Several days of heavy moisture likely triggered spiders’ egg sacs to hatch, and the baby spiders often travel several miles on wisps of web. Scientists aren’t sure why the annual phenomenon seemed to draw more attention this year. Spider migrations can be observed around the world, and in some places, like Brazil, the sky is literally clouded with the flying webs.


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