Friday, September 13, 2013


The Australian September 14, 2013 
JULIA Gillard has delivered a blistering assessment on Labor's election loss, saying the party had sent Australians a "very cynical and shallow message about its sense of purpose''.
Writing on The Guardian Australia website today, the dumped former prime minister revealed she watched the election night coverage alone, as she "wanted it that way. I wanted to just let myself be swept up in it''.
She described losing power as being "felt physically, emotionally, in waves of sensation, in moments of acute distress''.
In a wide-ranging piece, Ms Gillard attacked the decision to dump her, criticised Labor's tactics for the election as having "not one truly original idea" but conceded she had "erred by not contesting the label `tax''' referring to carbon pricing.
And she has argued against the new ALP rules for selecting leaders, which open the process to a vote of caucus and of the rank and file membership.
"Indeed, the new rules represent exactly the wrong approach to address the so-called `revolving door' of the Labor leadership,'' she writes.


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