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Publicado: 3 sep 2013
Amid preparations for U.S. for an attack on Syria a 'hacker' U.S. claims to have accessed the emails of a U.S. Army colonel indicating that the alleged chemical attack near Damascus was the work of the Pentagon.
U.S. plans to take military action against Syria based on the allegations of the opposition forces to Al Assad, who complained that the Syrian government killed hundreds of people last August 21 in an attack with chemical weapons near Damascus.

However, a hacker said, through the website pastebin.com, which gained access to the correspondence of a colonel of the U.S. Intelligence which shows that the etching was self-organized assembly Pentagon.

This is Anthony mails Jamie MacDonald, CEO of Staff for Operations and Plans Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Army Intelligence.

In an email sent on August 22, a colleague of Colonel, Eugene Furst, congratulates you conducted a "successful" and attached the link to the article in 'The Washington Post' on alleged chemical attack in Syria from 21 August .

Furst also mentions that it was "well organized", reports the 'hacker', adding: "My eyes refused to believe it. Damn bastards, they organized a chemical attack."

The hacker also mentions correspondence between MacDonald's wife, Jennifer, with a friend who admits he "can not stop thinking" in children who died in "that awful gas attack" in Syria.

"I was also scared. But Tony comforted me. Said children were not injured, was made for cameras. So do not worry, my dear," replied Jennifer.
These revelations bind to other reports on the alleged chemical attack Washington attributed to the forces of Bashar al Assad, which the Syrian government denies. Note that even the information coming from U.S. and its allies are sometimes quite contradictory. Thus, a report from the French secret service says the attack left "at least" 281 deaths, a figure that is far from the "over 1,400 fatalities" in the U.S. speaking.


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