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MATT JOHNSTON and KEN McGREGOR The Daily Telegraph August 21, 2012
Sharman Stone
Sharman Stone. Picture: Kym Smith Source: The Daily Telegraph
JULIA Gillard says small businesses hit by carbon tax power price hikes should pass costs on to consumers, who are getting compensation.-What about those who are not getting compensation? As long as back-stabbing Juliar gets hers, we can all go to blazers, which is a remarkably similar attitude to the evil warmonger, who may have had pre-knowledge on the 9/11 false flag, John Coward. And this happens the day after she and Roxon pass legislation that lets them spy on your private internet affairs. Is she worried about public perception? Or, is this another step towards the new world order. 
But companies in some sectors have questioned the Prime Minister's advice-haven't we all?, saying they simply cannot lift prices.
One apple and pear grower said its electricity bills now had a "carbon charge" attached that was more than 15 per cent for one packing plant, but the supermarkets it supplies won't accept price rises in a competitive market. More carbon tax concerns have been raised by small business owners after a Daily Telegraph survey revealed some retailers are starting to feel the pinch.
The survey found many businesses were not passing costs through to consumers despite being hit by carbon tax-related power price hikes.
In parliament, Liberal MP Sharman Stone asked Ms Gillard about Victorian pear and apple grower Geoffrey Thompson Holdings, which has specific carbon tax components added to its July bills, totalling $23,000.
A power bill for one of the company's packing plants has gone up 15 per cent from the carbon tax charge alone. Lucky these essential services were privatised, otherwise we might have to get it to run at a loss so it could provide affordable services to business' and consumers alike.
Ms Gillard told parliament that businesses such as this could pass those costs through. Am I the only one who feels that she is out of touch with the common man? Reminds me of when that warmonger John Coward said that all Australian's could afford to buy a new car.
"That small business is dealing with consumers that have received tax cuts, family payment increases and pension increases because our anticipation is that small businesses would pass those modest price impacts $23,000 IS A MODEST AMOUNT TO THIS LIAR AND SERVANT OF THE ELITE. Most of us probably have that much or more in gold coins in the car ashtray. Especially those that are being raped on the dole. on," she said.
But Geoffrey Thompson Holdings managing director Garry Parker said that was not realistic because the company supplied major supermarket chains with fruit -- and they would not accept price hikes. That is the way supermarkets operate. The other thing that they like to do is make a deal with a company to get x amount of a stock at y price. Then, without warning they announce that they want to run a special and will only pay z amount. If the company refuses, they lose the contract. Now, should we expect that if I know this, that the "person in charge"-well behind the Governor-General, who actually is the Queen when she is out of Australia- ought to know this as well.
"We will have to look at ways of taking cost out of the business, we will look at staffing -governments love it when people are sacked and have to beg them for the dole-and other areas," he said.

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