Friday, July 6, 2012


The entrance to the northern NSW community of Toomelah.
By Chris Graham NATIONAL: A NSW bureaucrat who allegedly told Toomelah residents their community faced a government intervention or a bulldozer has been sacked after posting what she believed was an anonymous online rant on Tracker’s website advocating the genocide of Aboriginal people and describing locals as “black blood mixed with white trash”.
The woman logged onto Tracker online in May and tried to post the comment on an unrelated story, under a fake name.
The comment was withheld from publication because of its offensive content, and Tracker was subsequently able to trace the woman’s identity.
She is Amy Makim, a public servant with Aboriginal Affairs NSW (AANSW) and a resident of the NSW-Queensland border town of Goondiwindi.
Ms Makim is the bureaucrat who allegedly threatened the community of Toomelah with closure earlier this year, a story broken by the Sydney Morning Herald in May.
Ms Makim lives just 24 kilometres from Toomelah, and has delivered services to the impoverished community on behalf of both the Commonwealth and NSW Governments for the past two years.
In late May, Ms Makim logged onto the Tracker website looking for details of reporting of the Toomelah threat.
At the bottom of an unrelated story about whether Australia was peacefully settled or invaded, Ms Makim created a fake identity – ‘SICK OF THE WHINGERS’ – then railed against welfare, praised the policy of the forced removal of children and suggested Aboriginal people could not be successful without a “heavy dose of white influence”.
“I have worked in an Aboriginal former-mission for more than 2 years….
“This victimised mentality, co-dependency on government and laziness is so revolting.
“Well done to all the aboriginal people who have worked hard, studied hard and created a life for themselves and their families without the “pity funds” from centrelink… I’m guessing you either had someone with “white work ethics” in your midst… stolen generation or mixed race??
“I don’t know any Murri who is an advocate, scholar, professional or person of admiration that doesn’t have a heavy dose of ‘white influence.’”
Ms Makim then describes Aboriginal people as being of “black blood mixed with white trash” and laments that the English didn’t eliminate the entire Aboriginal race.
“Face the facts! You have been conquered! Get over it! Get a job, look after your bloody children and stop putting your hand out!
“You should have put up a better fight to keep your land or more frankly the English should have wiped you all out because the 2.6% of you are costing our country a fortune and making our country a place of ghetto violence!
“I used to be a person of compassion, empathy and looked forward to learning of the culture and empowering the community to be strong, Aboriginal and proud… and I can now honestly say where I have been there is no hope.
“You now have black blood mixed with white trash creating one of the worse kind of human societies. Harsh, shocking? and true!”
She finishes her posting by railing against the National Apology, and describing Aboriginal people as “settlers”.
“Australia cannot say sorry any longer, they cannot keep hanging their heads in shame… we didn’t do this, our ancestors did, it is done, we cannot go back only forward. So stop bloody whinging and have a go! And P.S Aboriginal came from Africa so you are settlers too!”
Head of AANSW, Jason Ardler, himself an Aboriginal man, told Tracker: “When Aboriginal Affairs was informed that Ms Makim was alleged to have made inappropriate remarks about Toomelah (at the community meeting), the agency questioned Ms Makim and she denied the allegation. Further investigation of this matter was overtaken by Aboriginal Affair’s response to Ms Makim’s comments on the Tracker website.
“When it was confirmed that Ms Makim was responsible for the comments on the Tracker website, the agency acted immediately, contacted Ms Makim, stood her down and subsequently accepted her resignation, effective on that day.
“These kinds of statement are repugnant, completely at odds with the values of Aboriginal Affairs and will not be tolerated. These comments have affected Aboriginal Affairs’ reputation and the offense caused is deeply regretted. Aboriginal Affairs apologises to the people of Toomelah for the hurt caused and reaffirms its commitment to working with the community to create real opportunities and positive change.”
Ms Makim declined to comment to Tracker.

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