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 Jack Furnari
 BIZPAC Review  July 2, 2012
Clarification: The original post published on Sunday said Loren Londner "recently made the emails public," leading some readers to believe she had leaked the emails to BPR. She did not. The emails came from another source.
Local Democrats are in an uproar about a series of emails about Israel, sent last year by one of their representatives to the Democratic National Committee, and a candidate for state representative.
Are they in an uproar because of Israel’s actions or because one of ‘their own’ is talking out of turn?
In the emails, Evelyn Garcia, one of Palm Beach County's representatives to the DNC, a Democratic Executive Committee member, and a candidate for State House, District 88accuses Israel of "crimes against humanity" and of running "mass concentration prison camps”.
Nothing that America/Britain/China/Australia etc doesn’t indulge in.
The email exchange began with Garcia forwarding an email by Code Pink, "Time for a New Middle East Policy," which announced a conference opposing President Obama's pandering to the, "pro-occupation lobby."
Some of Garcia's inflammatory quotes were:
"By supporting Israeli occupation with US foreign aid, we are all complicit and guilty of their crimes against humanity." 
"And, I deeply resent US taxpayer funds being used to continue Israeli aggression (yes, confiscating other peoples' land and building illegal settlements is aggression), not to mention "incursions" that kill PEOPLE, destroy civilian homes and infrastructure all over, mass concentration prison camps, etc,etc,etc.”
Yet, Garcia is more than comfortable with U.S taxpayer funds being used to continue American aggression, incursions, ongoing torture and military presence in most of the world irrespective of whether they are a declared enemy–Iraq/Afghanistan etc, or a declared friend–Australia/Japan etc.
Or how about the ongoing & continued enslavement of the American people? oh, that’s right, Americans are “free” ;)
sorry about that chief.
Loren Londner, one of the recipients of the emails, recently made the emails public saying, " When I heard this person was running for office, I felt the public should know about the emails.”
Pity Londner isn’t worried about the damage that fellow Democrat members such as Shillary Clinton & Barack Obama are doing to her own party. Needless to say that it is a different story when it comes to someone expressing a philosophy that she disagrees with.
Of course getting you mixed up in an Israel/Palestinian 'he said/she said' is to introduce a false ceiling over your reality. Comprehend that all of these political leaders view you as cattle or goyim and that you are nothing but a means to a political end and you can realise that BOTH the Palestinian & Israeli government's are vile, warmongering, power-hungry cesspits that are quite happy to make their ‘own’ people suffer unimaginable cruelty & suffering in order to score political points.
"This kind of speech almost qualifies as hate speech. –Like the phrases ‘anti-semitism’, & ’the war on terror’, ‘hate-speech’ is a vague description that allows for Londner’s personal opinions to infiltrate her opinionated definition." This should be made public no matter who the person is or what their party," said Londner.

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