Monday, June 2, 2014


 Jacksonville Sheriff's Office 

It Has Begun: Jacksonville Sheriff’s Officers started knocking on doors asking for Tips, effectively turning Families and Friends into Informants, Against Each Other

Sheriff John Rutherford held a press conference recently, to announce a new anti-crime campaign in the northwest area of Jacksonville, which sounds eerily similar to the Gestapo tactics which turned everybody into informants in Nazi Germany. It ended with children informing against their parents, brother against sister, friend against friend.
The initiative, called Operation Ceasefire, began a few weeks ago and largely consists of “walk and knocks”, meaning officers are knocking on thousands of doors in the area asking for tips and information about criminal activity in the area.

“We know the key to solving and preventing this activity is connecting with the community,” said Rutherford. Since Operation Ceasefire began earlier this month over 4,000 homes have been visited, resulting in the seizure of about 13 ounces of cocaine, about five ounces of marijuana, and ten illegal firearms. Their goal is to visit 18,000 houses.

In addition to visiting homes, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office will also be installing surveillance cameras throughout the targeted area in Northwest Jacksonville. The cameras are to be purchased with funds obtained from forfeiture. Rutherford will request funding to reestablish 40 officers and 40 community service officers that had been lost as a result of budget cuts in 2011.

Operation Ceasefire
Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team Member: does this guy look like a cop or like a soldier?

“I tell people sometimes in neighborhoods, they don’t like to hear this, but I tell them anyway: you’ve got the amount of crime in your neighborhood that you’re willing to tolerate. ‘Cause when you won’t tolerate it anymore, you’ll pick up a phone and you’ll work with the police,” said Rutherford.

Operation Ceasefire was created in response to the increased violent crimes in northwest Jacksonville. News 4 Jax followed up with residents experiencing increased police presence, and the initiative has had “mixed reviews”. One resident said that Operation Ceasefire was a step in the right direction but also made clear that the community was hesitant to reach out to the police. “A lot of people want to go to the police but they can’t. You can’t talk to them. It’s bad, there’s a mistrust. Bad mistrust between the community and the police,” Dorsey said.

Another resident said that while she welcomes increased police emergence at the convenience store where she works, it also drives away business. “Every morning, we have like 10-15 officers out here,” she said.


Personally, I believe this is just another dry run for when they come for America’s guns, which is their primary objective, since disarming the public is the only way for a totalitarian state to survive the long term.


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