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Saturday, February 22, 2014
This picture is just another street in Anytown, U.S.A.

While it isn’t openly violent — it doesn’t, say, depict cops beating a man to death, as in the case of Kelly Thomas, the schizophrenic homeless man who begged for his father as cops continued to beat on him until he died without any repercussions — it does depict something else: a police state.

What you see in this picture is a man merely walking on the sidewalk. There he is, on the left. He was just walking. Just minding his own business, according to the witness who sent me the picture. He had walked on the grass a bit, but as you can see, the sidewalk is curvy and the grass is a public space.

Two motorcycle riding cops (because it took two) decided to stop what they were doing to tell this man to stay on the sidewalk and keep walking according to a witness. As you can see, cop one is pointing at the man while cop two watches.

In other words, it took two cops to stop and order a man around who was…just walking on a sidewalk in America.

Because this is…keeping order? ‘Protecting and serving?’

Because these officers didn’t have anything better to do…?

Or is it because we have a totally imbalanced justice system ruling the day in a country with militarized police where more people are put in prison per capita than any other place on the face of the earth and the majority are for non-violent crimes?

Is there a crime even happening in this picture? 


Is there even a code for this?? What you are looking at isn’t even jaywalking.

What you are looking at is a grown man minding his own business just trying to walk down an American sidewalk.

This picture encapsulates something that has gone very, very wrong in this country today.

This picture captured the modern American police state.

(H/T Pam Nickel T for taking and sending this picture.

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