Friday, February 28, 2014


Mikiverse politics trickled over the 100k viewers sometime last night whilst i was dreaming.

This is the second of my web pages to attain this number after Mikiverse Law, so, hopefully, somewhere along the line, an article here has assisted someone, somewhere along the line as they go about their research.

Please bear in mind, that i am not in this for the paper, ego etc, i make no money from this, it is about the communication of information, opportunities for people to learn about themselves, the intentions of others

Thank you for your patronage. Hopefully i can post the odd relevant article moving forward and make enough money to get me some land with a spring, a garden and no close neighbours. :)

More importantly, lets all make 2014 a year where we take great strides toward reclaiming our community from these barbaric terrorists that plague our ability to live with abundance and tranquility.

Love & Peace

Mikiverse Politics

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