Saturday, November 3, 2012


By Anthea Kissel, ABC Updated November 2, 2012,
Northern Territory Indigenous Advancement Minister Alison Anderson says many remote Aboriginal communities have become welfare traps.
Ms Anderson has told parliament the Government should not be responsible for providing everything in these communities.
She says it is common to hear endless complaints during conversations with Indigenous people in isolated areas.
"There are the conversations where a person offers to do nothing for themselves, and just demands that everything be done for them," she said.
She says the Territory Government must focus on improving education and getting people into jobs, but government does not have the resources to fix all of the problems in Aboriginal communities. 
"Somewhere along the way from poverty ... we took a side-road and got stuck in a hell from which there seems to be no escape," she said.
"I admit that sometimes I despair at the reluctance of some Indigenous people to take the jobs that are already there."
Ms Anderson says she plans to ask many questions of Aboriginal people during an upcoming listening tour of remote communities.
"The rest of the world is looking; it is wondering why so many Indigenous people have this sense of entitlement," she said.
She says if government puts Aboriginal children at the forefront of its decision making, it can't go far wrong.
Opposition Indigenous Policy Spokeswoman Lynne Walker says the minister's statement lacks detail.
She says many Indigenous people are unable to secure jobs that are available in the mining sector.
"They don't have the literacy to be able to work in these places," she said.

So the upshot is that one side of the criminal elitist politician table says that the Original people of this land are lazy, the other says that they are stupid. Both claim that the Original people and custodians of this land must abandon their own lore and life plans and become a good little slave in a job that makes rich people like Gina Reinhart richer.
This is despite the fact that BOTH of these parties have continually been working against the interests of ALL people on this land who are not of their elitist class. It is called divide and conquer. 
Yet, the question needs to be asked; Is being an intolerant racist elitist criminal pig a pre-requisite to being Indigenous Advancement Minister? 

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