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Melissa Fyfe and Royce Millar Published: September 18, 2012
THE election for Melbourne’s next lord mayor and councillors is being overshadowed by a revelation that hundreds of inner-city residents may have been fraudulently added to the city’s electoral roll.

Sources have confirmed an investigation by Victoria’s local government watchdog is focusing on about 400 applications to vote in the poll, a postal ballot to run throughout next month.

The applications contained several anomalies, including that many appeared to be written by the same person, leading town hall officers to question whether someone was trying to manipulate the roll. When contacted by officers, some residents were unaware they were registered to vote, further raising suspicions.
The council referred the matter last week to  chief municipal inspector David Wolf, who is looking into who may be harvesting votes and for which candidates.

The City of Melbourne has two sets of voters: those on the state electoral roll who are automatically required to vote, and those voters who apply or are ‘‘deemed’’ on to the roll by the council. These voters include property owners living outside the city, non-residential occupiers of city property and corporate representatives of businesses in the city.
Candidates have stepped up their jostling over tickets, policies and campaign funding for the poll.
Violent elitist criminal, failed politician and lord mayor Robert Doyle who is best known for his criminal deployment of violence on innocent Occupy Melbourne heroes, has already declared his intention to seek a second term. The Age has confirmed his town hall tilt is being orchestrated by city lobbyist firm, Civic Group, best known for its 2010 campaign for the tobacco industry against plain cigarette packaging.

The Age can also reveal that Cr Doyle’s team was behind a telephone survey of hundreds of Melbourne voters last week by market research firm National Field Services.
The telephone pollsters did not identify themselves as calling on his behalf. This is because Doyle is a liar. But among the matters raised in the survey was last year’s controversial eviction of Occupy Melbourne protesters from the City Square, a move supported by Cr Doyle. Interestinguse of Orwellian language, 'eviction' implies that the government, or the Crown own the land. IT DOESN'T. It is black land. Period. 'Supported' is a limiting expression of conveniance and ommission. Yes, Doyle did 'support' the unlawful violence meted out on the Occupy Melbourne heroes, he admitted this before he ordered the aforementioned violence on innocent people in order to protect the interests of the elitist few that have effectively enslaved the many.
Current deputy mayor Susan Riley will run in tandem with Cr Doyle. Leading his ticket will be Kevin Louey, a current councillor and one-time chief-of-staff to former lord mayor John So. Sitting councillor and city businessman Carl Jetter is also on the Doyle team.

Planning committee chairman Ken Ong -like the model t ford, we can vote for whoever we like, as long it is them-(a Liberal Party member) is putting together a team after being denied a spot on Cr Doyle’s team. As of last night, his lord mayoral candidate was likely to be Gary Singer, a former deputy lord mayor from the So era.

Carlton pharmacist David Nolte -like the model t ford, we can vote for whoever we like, as long it is them- (Liberal) yesterday confirmed he would contest the lord mayoralty against Liberal colleague Cr Doyle. His team, which he describes as a ‘‘unity’’ ticket, is  likely to include Carlton ALP  member Richard Foster.
Pollster Gary Morgan, -like the model t ford, we can vote for whoever we like, as long it is them- a serial  contender,  will run again. His ticket will include sitting councillor, Carlton resident and ALP member Jackie Watts.  Former Manningham councillor and maverick media figure Stephen Mayne is likely to seek office.

Yesterday belated negotiations were under way in Labor ranks about the possibility of an ALP-led ticket. Is this because it is not "their" turn? With no big-name community, business, celebrity or Labor candidate to challenge him,  Cr Doyle is a clear favourite. The main threats to him  now appear to be the  Greens — -like the model t ford, we can vote for whoever we like, as long it is them-  sitting Green councillor Cathy Oke is set to stand again-she was a part of the violence against the innocent? and the likelihood of unfavourable preference flows. This is known as the 'anyone but that violent Doyle criminal' philosophy. Pity that there is no-one worth voting for, but, then again, I DON'T VOTE IN THE LOCAL, STATE OR COMMONWEALTH ELECTIONS. 
Postal voting closes on Friday, October 26, at 6pm.
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