Friday, October 14, 2011


Nine arresteds -??what is that word?- in police crackdown on drinks and drugs

NINE people were arrested overnight as police began their summer crackdown campaign on booze-filled revellers and drug and drink drivers last night. 
HERALD SUN TYPERS have never been shy about telling porky pies, and this is no different. They begin by linking the number of arrests made last night with the fund raising operation that has been euphemistically titled a 'summer crackdown campaign'. 
Last time I checked, October 14th is 1/2 way through spring. 
Victoria Police is a trading name for a business with the A.B.N 63 446 481 493 and this summer crackdown campaign is the name of a business enterprise designed to increase revenue for the business, which, ultimately comes under the business entitled the STATE OF VICTORIA-DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE ABN32 790 228 959. 
Where do these public servants get the temerity to prevent people from manifesting their peaceful, lawful pleasure?
It is a scam. Do not be fooled by these attempts to use opinions and words to cast spells.   
Three men were arrested for a serious assault after attacking a victim with an iron bar in Fitzroy.
How is this relevant to the previously described campaign? It isn't. That equates to 33% of the original figure.  
The victim was transferred to hospital and treated for a serious head injury.
A further six people were arrested for drunken behaviour as part of Operation Parnell a task force created in response to the growing concern among locals about alcohol-fuelled behaviour in the area. Which locals? How many people were lawlessly harrassed to find these alleged six minor offences? This is actually about training you to accept police interference in the peaceful & lawful pursuit your life as being 'normal'. 
Officers visited 40 licensed premises in the entertainment precincts of Brunswick, Johnston and Smith streets and Swan street, Richmond. FORTY VENUES!!! Forty venues featuring drunk & drinking people for only 6 arrests. You'd think this would be a celebratory article. But, similar to the propaganda pushed by booze busses, whereby, the police harrass 99% of people to catch less than 1% of people allegedly drink driving.
Police also stationed seven booze buses on main roads leading to the suburbs in a bid to send a strong message to intoxicated drivers.
The buses were on the Tullamarine Freeway, Victoria Pde, Footscray Rd and Sydney Rd.
Police confiscated the vehicle/committed armed robbery of a 21-year-old Mulgrave man for 30 days after he was caught driving 50km/h over the speed limit. What does this have to do with the campaign? As much as the three men arrested in Fitzroy mentioned in the second sentence of this article. It is here to pad out a story, and to create an emotional impression of crime that therefore requires police presence. It is also known as problem/reaction/solution.
Police allege that the suspended P plate driver was travelling at 131km/h on Wellington Road in Mulgrave just after 9pm.
The driver returned a breath test reading of 0.134.
His car was impounded immediately and he is likely to be charged on summons at a later date. So much for innocent until found guilty in a court of law. Of course, they do this because they are alleging that he is in breach of a contract that he freely entered into.
Another 21-year-old Pascoe Vale man has had his second car impounded for a week. 
Police saw the man driving dangerously at 2.30am on the corner of Sydney Road and Bell St in Coburg. What does 'driving dangerously' have to do with a campaign on drinking people and drink/drug driving? More window dressing for the article, trying to justify what has happened, and what will continue to happen.
His car was impounded for 30 days and he is expected to be charged on summons.
Road Policing Acting Inspector Gary Stokie said the operation would continue all summer.
"Alcohol remains one of the biggest killers on Victorian roads,'' Insp Stokie said. Therefore the police need to harrass people inside of pubs, and alleged 'dangerous drivers'
"With today's warm weather we know that many people will be out enjoying a couple of drinks after work.
"Our message is that if you choose to drink, then don't drive its that simple.''
Our message is that if you choose to remain ignorant, then you'll suffer the consequences. It is time to wake up.

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